Dark and Spooky Children's Books to Read by a Cozy Autumn Fireplace

"Zombelina" is the story of a zombie ballerina. As you can imagine, she faces some special challenges when performing in front of a human audience. Also available on eBay.

Vampirina is also a ballerina. She loves to dance, but struggles not to nip her fellow dancers. Also available on Amazon.

In the sequel, Vampirina hosts a sleepover. Wait til you hear what she serves her guests to eat! Also available on Amazon.

"Vampire Baby" is the story of what happens when little baby vampire Tootie gets her first (fang) tooth.

Over in the Hollow is a rewrite of a classic Appalachian poem, but featuring spooky Halloween imagery. "Over in the hollow, where the cobwebs are spun, live a giant mother spider and her little spidey one."

The Funny Faces Haunted House book is for tiny babies. It includes lights and sounds. Not too spooky!