Halloween One-of-a-Kind Haunted Dollhouses

This three story dollhouse has been decorated to look dusty, haunted, spooky and in disrepair. It's wired with a transformer so you can fit it out with eerie lights.

I'm surprised someone basically slapped some black paint on this dollhouse and is trying to charge $800 for it. What do you think?

Now this is cute! This simple house is a Waldorf style house, meant to let the child do most of the imagining. The house doesn't come with the cute 2 inch Bendy doll, nor with the felt trees.

This tiny haunted dollhouse is a 1/144th scale house that will be custom made for you once you place your order. I love the turret!

You might be able to fit this 1" scale Haunted Mansion library into your existing haunted dollhouse. This has over 250 painstakingly created tiny miniature books.

This Munster house is HO scale, mostly used for train sets.