Truly Frightening Halloween Masks from Zagone Studios

The most incredibly lifelike, realistic looking Halloween masks I've seen are by a company called Zagone Studios. The attention to detail in the faces and hair is just amazing.

Take this werewolf mask, for example. If someone were to walk up to me wearing that, I'd run away crying and wetting my pants for real.

This zombie mask is truly repulsive. I can almost smell the oozing pus!

This "Diablo Rojo" red devil mask is truly menacing looking.

The rotting teeth really sell this decayed undead mask as a truly horrifying ghoul.

This exhumed zombie mask would work better if you had good gray makeup on your neck or clothing pulled up to cover it.

This sinister clown mask is inconceivably frightening.

This devil demon mask looks more beast than human.

Check out how disgustingly realistic this Brains falling out mask is! Ewww!


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