Tim Burton's Frankenweenie Costumes for Halloween 2012

The "Victor" costume comes with the mask, stethoscope, coat, and gloves. Also sold on Amazon.

This Elsa costume includes the wig, tights, dress, and shirt. Adorable smile and dark boots, you have to provide for yourself! This is the Rubies' Secret Wishes version of this costume for women.

Here's a slightly different version of the Elsa costume, this one licensed by Disney. Also sold on eBay.

I wouldn't personally want to be seen walking around in this E Gore costume, but you never know about some people.

In case you don't have any pale goth makeup supplies lying around, here's a Frankenweenie white makeup kit.

Your pet really, truly does not care to be dressed up in a Halloween costume. But if you really insist, your dog can go as Sparky this year.

If your real dog won't cooperate, you could carry around this plush Sparky toy to accessorize your costume.


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