Halloween Cookie and Cupcake Decorating Supplies

This really cool Wilton Haunted Manor set includes the cupcake wrapper and decorative haunted house topper.

I really like the look of this laser cut witch cupcake topper.

Wilton Haunted House cake pans let you create haunted Halloween gingerbread houses.

These small skull cavity molds can be used to make chocolates or candies. I'd like to dye some white chocolate skull candies with red food coloring.

Or to make a bigger impact, use these two larger skull cavity molds with nearly a pound of melted chocolate or candy, to make two big edible skulls.

You can use this silicone mini skulls mold to make ice cubes, chocolates, candies, or to mold ice cream into scary shapes.

Or use this skull ice cube mold to make more, smaller ice cubes all at the same time.

This skull cake pan makes a 3-D skull cake. Thankfully, it's nonstick.

This skull cookie mold lets you make round candies you can decorate the top of sugar cookies with.

Bake your cupcakes right in these Skulls and Scrolls Wilton baking cups.

These skull sprinkles would look great on a black-and-white Halloween cupcake.

Or perhaps you'd prefer black and orange bat sprinkles?

These black-and-yellow bug sprinkles are too creepy crawly for me, I want no part in this!

This zombie cupcake kit contains everything you need to make creepy cupcakes: cake mix, frosting, and decorations.

And it couldn't hurt to gross people out with this gory hand cupcake pick.

These witch leg cupcake toppers are adorable!

These vampire bat cupcake picks are pretty cute, too!

Serve your finished products on this Halloween skull cupcake stand.