Five Freakiest Frankenstein Masks

Here's the classic silver screen Frankenstein mask. It doesn't look comfy, but it looks so cool it's probably worth the sweatiness and discomfort.

Here's a goofy comedic looking Frankenstein mask with exaggerated features.

I actually find this full head Frankenstein mask very creepy. I'm not sure how I would cope if someone knocked on my door wearing this.

This latex Frankenstein mask is really intense. It comes down to cover part of your chest, too.

I can't stop laughing at this Frankenstein mask with hair. It's just so.. spiky and weird looking!

Also, if your Frankenstein needs a bride, here's a goofy inflatable Bride of Frankenstein hat.


  1. The second one looks like George W. Bush

    1. Oh my gosh you're right, it does! Something about the pinched little eyes.


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