Baby Witch Costumes for Halloween

I love the black and purple stripes on this baby witch hat! This baby witch costume comes with the witch's hat, purple and black satin dress, and the cape. You'll have to provide your own tights and shoes. So cute!

This baby witch costume has a sweet old-fashioned look about it, like something a reader of Victoria magazine might buy for their granddaughter. This costume includes the rose-laden witch's hat. Also available on Amazon.

This "Sweet Sorcery" costume for toddlers includes a spidery orange flame skirt, purple bodice and gown, and the witch's hat.

I think this orange baby witch costume is my favorite I've seen yet. A spider and its web are embroidered onto the front. Also available on Amazon.

This "Born to be Witchy" costume is good for parents who want something a little bit sweeter and not so spooky. The outfit has lots of black, but also features some pink polkadots. This costume is for a tiny infant, but is shown on a toddler model.

I love the black kitty on the apron of this Storybook Witch costume. The costume features a ragged green-and-black petal point skirt, with orange rickrack on the bodice and on the hat.

This "Wee Witch" costume is the most goth baby witch costume I've seen yet, with a bat on the skirt and striped stockings (included).