Halloween Skull and Haunted House Cookie Jars

You'd probably want to put something a little more interesting than just Oreos or plain old homemade chocolate chip cookies in this Haunted House cookie jar.

This Debbie Mumm haunted house cookie jar is way more detailed, but I find it less spooky.

If you have tiny kids and you're not ready to spook the daylights out of them, here's a really cute Halloween haunted house cookie jar to keep their teething biscuits in.

Here's a way to get rid of those obnoxious teenagers who are too old to be trick-or-treating and didn't even bother to get a costume: Offer them a cookie dripping with red decorating gel out of this zombie head cookie jar.

This skeleton head cookie jar is a bit too cheerful for me. I prefer my skull cookie jars surly or menacing!

Here's a similar silver skull cookie jar. I prefer this one as more of the skull opens up to let gory looking cookies peep out.

This is my very favorite Halloween cookie jar ever: a Christopher Radko witch jar. I love it so much, I'm cackling right now!

These colorful Halloween canisters could be used as cookie jars, but I'd also maybe store other pantry supplies like rice, beans and sugar in them.