Amazing Skeleton Bride and Groom El Dia de Los Muertos Costumese

Part of the appeal of this unusual Day of the Dead Skeleton bride costume is I'm sure the artfully applied makeup on the model. You'd have to be able to replicate that pretty well on your own at home. I love the look of the veil and costume though. So refreshingly unique to see red-and-white on a costume. Also available on Amazon.

Maybe you can get your boyfriend or husband to wear this Day of the Dead skeleton groom costume and you two can match! Also available on eBay.

I'm also impressed with the darker look of this Boneyard Bride costume. Again, you'll want to be sure you can create a makeup look this cool, to pull this costume off on Halloween. Also sold on Amazon.

Here's her matching Day of the Dead skeleton groom. Also available on eBay.