6 Coolest Skull Money Banks on Ebay

If you're looking for an unusual way to save coins for the bus or laundromat (or for a special bottle of liquor!) here are some of my favorite skull money banks.

This Celtic tattoo skull bank isn't very dark, but it's so lovely and artistic it made my list of faves.

From the same seller, here's a tribal tattoo money bank. Too bad the coins go in a slot in the head instead of a slit in an eye socket. Then you could tell people you were really socking it away. Get it?

Here's a cheerful grinning Day of the Dead sugar skull money bank. It also comes in black.

Sourpuss applied their trademark gleefully dark, cutesey style to this skull money bank. It too comes in black.

This gory skull bank is a bit too gross and scary for me, I have to admit. I don't think I could have it visible in my house. Shiver!

For someone who prefers glitzy, shiny things, here's a jewelled silver skull to store their shiny coins in.