Halloween Salt and Pepper Shakers

Dress up your Halloween dinner table with themed Halloween ceramic salt and pepper shakers. Delight your guests!

If I break down and succumb to temptation, this witch cauldron salt and pepper set will be the one I buy. Also sold on Amazon.

These witch hat salt and pepper shakers are black and orange with cute polkadots. Also sold on Amazon. Or if you prefer shoes, here's an adorable set of witch shoe salt & pepper shakers.

This Halloween witch is kissing her black kitty familiar.

"Love at First Bite" salt and pepper shakers feature Dracula kissing his pretty willing victim. Also available on Amazon.

Or here's Dracula kissing his own coffin. Dracula and his casket are also sold on Amazon.

Here's a set of Halloween salt and pepper shakers that's just cute, not at all spooky: black cats and pumpkins.

Good Witch/Bad Witch salt and pepper shakers are also available on Amazon.

Frankenstein and his bride are depicted kissing in this matched salt and pepper set. Also available on Amazon.

I'm already a bit tired of the owl trend right now, but here are some cute owls wearing witch hats shakers.

Sourpuss creates a lot of skull-themed items, including these Sugar Skull salt and pepper shakers.