6 Creepiest Animated Halloweeen Zombie Props

To me, this nurse zombie is the scariest animated prop of all. Probably because she looks so realistic!

This disemboweled zombie twitches and wriggles around. Ugh!

This life size animated zombie has glowing blue eyes and moves his head back and forth. I think this would be creepier if his arms moved too.

This animated zombie Halloween prop has glowing red eyes, and lunges at you. Terrifying! Hey, I just had an idea. Maybe I could use this in my yard to keep my dogs out of the flowerbed!

This rocking mother and baby seem more skeletal than zombie to me. There isn't enough rotting skin or decaying body parts. I guess it counts as "zombie" since it's animated. The chair rocks, and the skeleton mom sings a lullabye.

All this male zombie does is lurch forward, so his movement isn't all that scary. But it's his realistic, angry-looking face that creeps me out so much!