5 Most Ghoulish Life Size Halloween Props on eBay

Ack! Most life-size Halloween props top out at six feet. This hanging demon is ten feet tall! Cripes!

I would personally describe this Halloween goon prop as "Undead Christopher Walken mated with Undead Robert de Niro." Perhaps it's so freaky in that, unlike other Halloween props, it's not actually spattered in blood or fake gore.

I once got the living daylights scared out of me by an unmoving, motionless CPR dummy sitting in a bed at my grandparents' nursing home. So I can only imagine how much I'd freak out if I walked by this animated morgue body prop!

This scary lady really creeps me out, but it helps that her glowing red eyes make her look so fakey. I think I could walk by her easily on Halloween and not be scared due to those silly eyes.

This lifesize corpse bride prop stands about five and a half feet tall. She wears a gray gown and tattered veil, and bears several gory wounds.