5 Darling Devil Baby Costumes for Halloween

The horns on this devil costume are the most spectacular I've seen on any infant costume. This also comes with a soft black cape.

I love the fabric flames coming off the bottom and elbows of this baby devil bunting. Also available on eBay.

Now here's a unique one: This baby devil costume has flame imagery, and metallic orange devil horns. Also available on eBay.

Aww, this devil costume comes with black demon wings. Also available on eBay.

This plush hooded devil costume looks so warm and fuzzy, you'd almost be tempted to dress Baby in it for their wintertime Christening. (Probly better not, though). Check out the little creature tucked into the pocket too! Also available on eBay.

Don't forget to accessorize your baby's costume with a devil pacifier! Also sold on Amazon.

You know what I think would be hilarious? Getting 13 infants all together for a group Coven photo shoot dressed in costumes like this!