6 Most Awesome Life-Size Halloween Props on eBay

This terrifying animatronic hag Halloween prop could greet guests on your doorstep - or scare bratty trick-or-treaters off your porch! You have to provide your own rocking chair as well as a CD player to play the soundtrack CD that comes with her.

There's not much scarier than an ugly hick. But Inbred Fred takes it to the next level, with his creepy face and pointy pitchfork. He stands six feet tall, and is an animatronic prop that shakes.

This Rotting Randy zombie prop shakes like crazy. I wish the auction listing included info on whether or not the zombie moans or makes creepy noises as well.

This butler prop is so creepy looking I can barely stand to look at the auction listing. Imagine how fearsome he looks in person in your yard haunt, perhaps greeting guests at your door?

"Dead Debbie" is a horrifying animatronic prop. She chews her disgusting dinner, making gross noises in the process. Then, she spits a blast of air or water mist (if you have her set up properly). Ugh!

Bad Betty depicts a nasty little undead girl. She stands 48" tall and is designed to be propped up against a wall in your home haunt.