Monster Bride Costumes for Kids

It's unusual to find skeleton bride costumes that aren't all white. This one comes with black gown, spiderweb tights, and black veil.

Your child can trick-or-treat dressed as a mini Bride of Frankenstein. Included are the dress, wig, and clompy shoe covers.

This Monster Bride costume for girls includes a black and green dress with beribboned top, petticoat, and hat. You'd have to buy the stitched gloves and stitched pantyhose elsewhere, and they do make the outfit extra cool. I don't think the boot covers are necessary - regular shoes would be ok for a bride theme.

This is my least favorite monster bride costume, as I think it looks more like an urban cowgirl. Your child would need a lot of personality to pull this one off. The costume includes the stitched hat and dress, but not the furry boot covers.