8 Spookiest Ghost Costumes for Halloween

It's the ghost mask that really makes this costume so frightening. It's included along with the tattered coat.

The Ghost Bride costume includes the dress, overskirt, and veil, but not the black boots (provide your own). Also available on eBay.

The Ghostly Lady costume includes the gown with tatters and ripped sleeves, the really cool hat, a tulle petticoat to make the gown pouf up a bit, gloves, and a wig. It's also available on eBay.

The Ghostly Lady is also available in a plus size on Amazon and on eBay also.

The Ghostly Gal costume presents a trimmer silhouette. It's also vastly more affordable. Available on eBay.

And who shall be these ladies' companion in the afterlife? Why the Ghostly Gent, of course. He wears a fancy suit, tophat and tails. Also available on eBay.

There's also a ghostly gent child costume so your babybat can look like Daddy. Available on eBay too.

Little Sister can have her own tattered ghost costume as well. Also available on eBay.