7 Grossest Zombie Costumes for Halloween 2011

One of my neighbors looks surprisingly like this zombie lady - and not just on Halloween!

Some people might be frightened by this High school zombie, but others might smile to see a dead jock!

Perhaps this zombie doctor frightens me so badly because I already have a fear of hospitals. Also available on eBay.

The Crypt Crawler zombie has a look of pure malevolence on its latex face.

I think it's the mask that makes this barbed wire zombie so creepy looking. You'd do better to put good amounts of fake blood dripping from the supposed barbed wire wounds. Also available on eBay.

If you could stand to smell yourself all night, it would be a great prank to rub smelly trash, garlic, onions or some other putrid scents on your skeleton zombie costume. It would increase the effect of your guts seeming to rot right off of you!

The Evil Undead Gentleman costume comes with hat and mask, coat and bow tie. You'll need to supply your own pants, drink and tray.