Halloween Cake and Cupcake Decorating Supplies


I am impressed by the intricate detailing on these Paper Orchid spider web cupcake wrappers.

They also make this nice Ghost cupcake wrapper.

These Martha Stewart Halloween cupcake baking cups feature a twisty black and orange spiderweb.

This awesome Wilton Haunted house baking cup comes with an additional haunted house pick. You get 12 wrappers and 24 picks (one of the house, and one of the orange moon). You can also buy it on Amazon.

Sur la Table sells this fantastic black and white skull baking cups set.

I probably wouldn't need 75 Wilton Haunted Manor Halloween baking cups. That would make more cupcakes than I know what to do with. But I could save the unused ones after I made a dozen, and have year-round Halloween cupcake goodness.

I adore the baroque accents on these skull paper baking cups. Very elegant!

I'm fascinated by this unusual lasercut witch cupcake baking wrapper, but I wonder why it's a vivid blue, instead of in black. The same seller also offers some really cool lasercut pumpkin cupcake wrappers, in white.


Unfortunately this Wilton Halloween cupcake pan is a bit too cartoonish. I'd prefer something creepier.

This Halloween skull pan has four cavities for making small cakes (or larger than normal cupcakes).


(Note that cupcake picks are plastic and are not edible. They're just there to decorate the cupcakes).

Gross out your guests with these witch finger and eyeball cupcake toppers. You get twelve, six of each design.

At first glance, these Wolfman molded sugar cupcake toppers looked like wadded up spaghetti with marinara. But after I took a closer look, I was really impressed at how great these edible toppers look. Very unusual!

The Wilton Freaky Friends cupcake pics are a bit too cutesey, but I still like the vintage look to them.

This auction is for a set of twelve witch, bat and black cat cupcake picks. I bet they'd look great on orange-frosted cupcakes, too.

You can never have too many bat-shaped cupcake picks.

These spider picks are so creepy looking, I can barely look at them to post this.

I'm partial to these adorable witch hat cupcake toppers.

I like the gothic feel to these cemetery cupcake toppers. They're elegant, not cutesey like most Halloween cupcake items tend to be.

These skeleton cupcake toppers are edible.


The Wilton Haunted Manor cupcake stand holds 24 cupcakes. Don't get too excited, because it isn't all that sturdy.

I think the Wilton Scary Skull cupcake stand is a lot cooler looking.


I can't find these Wilton jumbo ghost sprinkles at my local Target or grocery store, so I might have to pick them up on eBay.

The Wilton Creepy Sprinkles Lab is perfect for pretending you're a mad scientist, albeit in the kitchen instead of a foggy damp basement laboratory.

Wilton makes these tiny bone cupcake sprinkles. They look great on black, green, red or orange frosting, but don't do much for white, obviously.

The Martha Stewart Halloween cupcake boxes are an elegant way to bring your offerings to a ghoulish gathering.


Unfortunately this adorable Zombie Cupcakes book won't be released until spring 2011.

So fortunately there's also this wonderful cookbook, "A Zombie Ate My Cupcake."