7 Cool Goth Countess Costumes

The Evil Countess costume has a lacy waist and includes the collar with decorative "gem."

I'm thinking with the right makeup, this Masquerade Ball Countess costume could be turned into something gruesome and undead quite easily.

I love the puffed sleeves on this red countess costume, though I wish they hadn't put the word "Twilight" in the title - yech!

Wow, I no longer have what it would take to pull off this sexy tight black countess costume. Love the gauze that streams from her wrists.

This "Blood Countess" costume is actually quite pretty, with its faux corseting and fashionable silhouette.

Little girls can be countesses too. This costume comes with huge monster boot covers.

This additional little girl countess costume is very regal. Love the purple color!