5 Coolest Halloween Props on eBay

1. Frankenstein's Monster Prop

Imagine displaying this life-size Frankenstein's monster prop in your living room on Halloween night. In full view of the door, of course, when you open it for trick-or-treaters.

2. Horse-Drawn Hearse

I wouldn't want to just display this beautiful horse-drawn hearse prop at Halloween. It would have to grace my front yard year-round. Except, alas, Seattle's rain would probably ruin it.

3. Gothic Cemetery Props

Though I dream of setting up a gothic cemetery in my front or back yard, I'm pretty sure my homeowner's association would fine me under our covenant charter. Sigh.

4. Gigantic Skull Prop

Here's one way you can assure you won't have to share your Halloween candy with any pesky neighborhood kids: Just plop this 8 foot tall skull prop in your front yard, blast some eerie moans from speakers you hide inside it, then sit back and enjoy your candy.

5. Dead Debbie

Part of this animated animatronic prop's program includes spitting air and water out at you! That would freak me the hell out!