Creepy Mascot Costumes for Halloween

In case you feel like wearing an extremely uncomfortable, hot, vision-limiting costume that will be so cool it blows people away, check out mascot costumes. They're custom made for you, so if you're planning to order one, do it as soon as possible.

Here's a gray, grinning gargoyle mascot costume. I dare you to perch on someone's roof or on their front porch dressed like this!

If someone wore this Black Widow Spider mascot costume to my Halloween party, I could only hope I was dressed like a giant shoe, so I could squish them.

This Beelzebub mascot costume sort of reminds me of a cross between Luigi and a mafia don.

I find this Lucifer costume much scarier than Beelzebub.

You'd want to perfect your evil cackle before venturing out in this witch mascot costume.

Hire someone to wear this skeleton mascot head while threatening your children to finish their homework. They'll get straight A's!