Cool Halloween Ice Cube Molds

Make your Halloween party (or goth-style year-round entertaining) more fun by creating themed ice cubes to serve your guests. Freeze a set, empty the tray into a big bowl you keep in the freezer, and make another set.

Figure on four cubes per glass (I don't like to mix molded cubes with regular ice cubes in the same glass) and two glasses per guest (they can always switch to regular ice cubes as the night wears on). You probably should create twelve or more sets of cubes for a 12-person party.

These ghost ice cubes aren't very spooky, so maybe they'd be suitable for a Halloween party for little kids.

Create vampire fangs made of ice that you can drop into drinks, preferably red Cape Codders

This skull and crossbones tray makes four mini skulls and four crossbones.

This Halloween ice cube tray makes four bones and five skull ice cubes at a time.

Fred's Bone Chillers ice cubes are very similar to the above skull and crossbones. They're just a slightly different shape and look.

Wilton steps it up a notch with this skull shot glass ice cube mold. Fill the shotglass with something red (a Bloody Mary?) or green (a Midori Sour?) for best effect.

Wilton also makes this tray of 15 mini skull cubes.