Clive Barker's "Dark Bazaar" Halloween Costumes

Clive Barker's "Dark Bazaar" costumes are now available for Halloween! He designed the costumes himself - check out his design artwork.

The "Web Woman" costume features a spiderweb-embellished belted dress, tattered sleeves, and a spidery veil.

Ok, if someone wearing this Blind Demon costume knocked on my door or showed up at my party, I think I'd freak out! Too creepy!

His "Queen of Skulls" costume features an interesting gossamer collar, brocade skull dress, black petticoat, and a headpiece that you can't see really well in this picture.

It's too bad the "Serpent Seductress" costume doesn't come with the cool staff, but it does include the snake headpiece. This one isn't really creepy, so I sort of wonder why it's part of this particular collection.

The "Sea Monster" comes with a shirt and a half-mask.

Or you can buy the scary Sea Monster half mask separately.

You'd definitely need to have really cool makeup to pull off this Fly by Night costume.

The "Behind You" mask is deliciously gross - it looks like half the face is melting off! Eww!