Addams Family Costumes for Halloween 2010

Luckily this Uncle Fester costume includes the mask, or you'd just look like a monk in a robe.

If for some reason you need to sexualize your Wednesday Addams costume, here's one that will reveal your belly.

If you're an adult woman wanting to dress as Wednesday Addams, here's a Wednesday costume for you.

Here's a Wednesday Addams wig for adults, if you need one.

Here's the child's Wednesday Addams costume, for sizes 4-6. The wig is not included.

I'm not sure if you wore this Morticia Addams costume, if anybody would know who you were going as. They might just think you were going as a hot goth chick.

Start growing your stache now, or plaster on a fake one and grab a cigar. Then you can dress as Gomez Addams.

I have a feeling no matter the size of the wearer, even on tiny size 0 people, this Morticia Addams costume would end up looking like a plus size costume. Hrm.

Wow, nobody seems to want to dress as Pugsley I suppose - I don't see any Pugsley costumes on eBay or Amazon at all!