7 Cool Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland Costumes on eBay

To tell you the truth, I didn't really pay much attention to The Red Queen's boots in the movie. But these boots are damn awesome. Whether or not they're a good replica from the film. Heck with Halloween, I'd want to wear these every day!

This is the official, licensed Disney Mad Hatter hat, but it sure doesn't look as good without Johnny Depp in it!

I haven't touched or felt one of these wigs in person, but I'm impressed with the looks of this particular Red Queen wig. I've seen cheesy pics of other wigs, and this one actually looks a lot like the one worn by Helena Bonham Carter.

While this only superficially bares a resemblance to the fabulous dress Mia Wasikowska wore, it's a lovely Tim Burton's Alice costume anyway.

Or for even more of a departure from the Tim Burton film, you can tart yourself up substantially in this sexy Alice costume, obviously inspired by but not endorsed by Disney.

Another not-licensed Mad Hatter costume. Not sure why the word "electric" is used to describe it. You can buy the costume separately, or buy it with the hat and hair too.

If the Mad Hatter were:

  • A girl

  • A slut

  • and a blonde...

This is what she might look like.