Friday, March 20, 2015

Cute and Cuddly Squishable Monster and Creature Toys

This squishable Mini Cthulhu is 7" tall. It also comes in a larger 15 inch size.

Not big enough for you? This Massive Squishable Cthulhu is practically a beanbag chair!

The squishable werewolf measures 15 inches. He's also sold on Amazon. He also comes in a mini 7" size, on eBay and on Amazon.

They call this one Mini Spooky Little Monster. It's 7 inches tall.

This Cerberus three headed dog squishable could also be described as a "hell hound."

The squishable Mothman has beady little red eyes. It's also sold on eBay.

Aww, here's a cute lil' fella: The Squishable Zombie. He's also sold on Amazon.

Baby Monster and Creature Puppets for Halloween

This Halloween Vampire Baby Puppet is called "Nocturna." It's also sold on Amazon.

I think if you're carrying around this Halloween baby werewolf puppet, you should grow a beard to match it!

This zombie baby puppet is named Zack. He's also sold on Amazon.

Here's another Halloween baby zombie puppet. This one is called "Robbie." He's also available through Amazon.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Halloween Vampire Tutus for Babies

You might not send your little ones to school, preschool or daycare dressed in one of these cute vampire pettiskirt tutus, but perhaps you'd send them to a party or bring them to the mall in one of these fun outfits?

Red Vampire Zebra Pettiskirt Tutu, on eBay

Red and Black Vampire Leopard Pettiskirt Tutu, on eBay

Black Leopard Pettiskirt Vampire Tutu, on eBay

Purple Zebra Vampire Pettiskirt Tutu, on eBay

Spider Pranks for April Fool's Day

Augh! Imagine coming home and trying to relax in front of the TV, only to discover someone has draped this monstrous spider prop on it!

The prop spider also comes in black and white.

It also comes in red, but I don't think that looks realistic enough to fool anyone.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Monster Mansion Playhouse from Teamson Kids

How clever and entreprenurial of Teamson Kids toy company to produce this Monster Mansion that just so happens to be perfectly scaled for Monster High Dolls. (It works for Barbie, too).

The dollhouse is made of wood, not cheap plastic, so it might feel a little nicer and less fakey and plasticky than the tacky dollhouses Mattel offers for Monster High dolls to live (or die) in.

It's also sold on eBay.