Wednesday, June 22, 2016

New and Upcoming Delightfully Spooky Halloween Books for Babies

Everyone needs to celebrate Halloween. Even at the earliest stages of life we can enjoy dressing up, candy, spooky monsters, and great entertainment. One year, I spent Halloween dressed as a witch reading to my very young (at the time) niece. Her older siblings and other kids decided to go trick or treating.

These cute Halloween books from Amazon are a great way to celebrate if you have very little children or are taking care of them this year.

Everyone is going to be having a bunch of fun and the little ones are going to want to participate. With the If You're Spooky and You Know It board book, you can clap your hands and dance. They'll think Halloween is just the best time of year, because everyone looks funny and this book is so much fun. The best part about this book is that it takes a pretty common song and gives it a Halloween twist.

Take your little trick-or-treater on their own adventure with Seeking a Witch. This book is about two little kids who go and try to find the perfect witch. You will run into mummies, bats, ghosts, and all sorts of adorable yet haunting creatures. This is the perfect way to keep the little one occupied, but in light of the Halloween spirit. Even new moms can still enjoy the holiday even if it is rated G.

A Spooky Halloween board book would be a fun one if you're a grandparent. The story is about a grandmother telling stories to a group of dressed up kids. The illustration on the cover is vibrant and colorful! It almost looks like the kids are standing out in daylight. This is another adventurous book for the season that will get you both into the Halloween spirit.

Some people forget that there are a bunch of baby friendly activities you can do during Halloween. I know I am guilty of it! Naturally, I feel like I need to be mischievous and throw frightening parties during Halloween. I hope that these books from Amazon will help some parents fulfill their need for Halloween activities for their children. Comment down below and tell me what you think!

7 Creepiest Morphsuits for Halloween and Beyond

Some of us don't have time to make scary elaborate costumes. I have never actually worn a morphsuit, but it looks fairly easy. I've never seen super creepy morphsuits like these on Amazon before! I guarantee, if you bought one of these, people would freak! Come check it out.

There's a high chance I would pee my pants seeing a person dressed in this skeleton morphsuit lurking in the dark corners of my home. The whole design is super trippy. I can see an additional twisted face on the chest and stomach that almost looks like it's eating itself.

I've honestly never thought about dressing up as a realistic bat on Halloween. This vampire bat morphsuit is strangely cute. Don't get me wrong, it's definitely creepy. It would be fun to flap your arms about like a bat too!

This is spooky and hilarious all at the same time. I know with the right lighting the zombie morph suit would look really scary! The exaggerated hanging jaw made me giggle just a little bit.

This is a one of a kind and cool costume idea. This Jack O' Lantern monster morphsuit is more awesome than it is frightening. I think it is really clever how they used the pumpkin vines. It almost looks like he was chained to the ground at one point.

I don't think I could handle someone coming to any of my Halloween parties showing up in this scary clown skinsuit. There's a possibility I would have a heart attack. If that's what you're going for, then go ahead and get it! The clown's mouth is so disturbing!

I wonder if the growling mouth is on the actual beating heart zombie morphsuit or if it's the person who's wearing it? Either way, this is a bit creepy for a zombie, especially how his muscles are all gray and gross.

I'm not sure if I actually like this werewolf skinsuit. I think if someone was prowling outside in the middle of the night dressed like this I would panic. Otherwise, his face looks a little stretched out in the photo. Plus he should be wild and furry!

Sometimes we just don't have time to make crazy elaborate Halloween costumes. Even if it is 4 months in advance! Take a look at some different morphsuits on Amazon. I'm sure you'll find something to scare your fellow friends at your next gathering. Which one is your favorite? Tell me about it in the comments below.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Sugar Skull Bedding for Kids

For us Halloween fiends, it's important to have some spooky elements in your house all year round. The easiest place I can imagine decorating for is a baby room. Let the brainwashing begin early! This sugar skull bedding took something that would otherwise be creepy and made it cute and kid friendly. Take a peek!

This Sugar Skulls baby blanket is customizable with your baby's name. This is a blanket designed for girls, but they can make one for boys as well.

The skulls on this Sugar Skulls Custom comforter are strangely happy and cheerful. Again, you can personalize it, including the colors.

This is definitely a more elegant Sugar Skulls & Flowers blanket. I can see this blanket growing up with your kid into adulthood.

I would love to get my niece a macabre Sugar Skulls & Flowers quilt for when she's at my house. It would be cool to change the color scheme to black and white!

If you're looking to add just a little spook to your baby's room, this Day of the Dead baby blanket will do the trick. It also comes in blue if you prefer that over pink. Either way I think it's a really cool sugar skull!

Check out all of the sugar skull bedding you can customize. Your love for horror and Halloween will rub off on your kids early on with this bedding theme.

Aliens and Predator Bust Banks

I am really liking the idea of having an Alien themed party this year. It's one movie series I actually can sit through and binge watch the whole day. Maybe I live under a rock, but I haven't been to an Alien Halloween party yet. I honestly think that Aliens is one of the freakiest movies out there! I know there are a lot of Alien fans who would appreciate those awesome alien cookie jars I blogged about not too long ago. Now you can even get some really elaborate Alien and Predator bust banks!

This is the Xenomorph Queen bust bank. One of the most pivotal moments of that movie is when Ripley finds the Alien queen and goes pyromaniac and burns her alien babies. If you know enough about any animal kingdom and mothers... burning children is not cool. You can imagine how the rest of the movie went after Ripley's hardcore moment. What a great way to express your love for the Alien Queen with this creative and awesome bust bank!

Having one of the Alien warriors guarding your cash might not be a bad idea. This Alien warrior bust bank is really a spectacular piece. If anything, I would have it just to look at. I know if I had any of the kids over for a sleepover and this was out in plain sight, there would be a lot of screaming. I wouldn't be surprised if there were possible nightmares. One of my nieces watched the Alien movies way too young (she's an adult now), but she remembers that she used to tiptoe around the house at night so she could "sneak by" the Aliens.

Don't you want to stick your hand in this Alien egg money bank bust? I always wondered what the inside actually looked like, half the time it's just glowing and sticky looking. Pretty gross. Now we can see how the artist interprets what the inside of these gross eggs may look like. Apparently that's where money needs to go! For some reason I think face huggers are creepier than the actual Alien itself. Maybe because it's so skittish and sneaky? It's probably the fact that it's stuck on your face, laying eggs... for however long. It's too long, for the record.

Just be grateful that this Predator vinyl bust bank has his mask on and not the other way around. Predator is at least something that is more understandable than Aliens. Aliens are like acid bugs, Predator is just a killing machine. It would be cool to have this bust bank and the Alien warrior bust bank next to each other. It would be a great way to commemorate some of the best horror science fiction classic movies out there.

These are all great ideas for an Alien themed Halloween party. Not only that, but these would make great gifts for people who are obsessed with Alien or Predator lore. It's hard not to admire the craftsmanship of all of these Alien and Predator bust banks. They're creepy, accurate, and beautifully done! What do you think of these bust banks? Comment down below and share your thoughts!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Halloween Shop of the Week: Witch City Wicks

I like to celebrate Halloween all the time. Or at least pretend that it's around the corner. Sometimes I wish Halloweentown did exist! Sometimes I really need to set the mood by using candles. Not just for lighting, but also for all the eerie and mystical fragrances. The Witch City Wicks on Etsy is a fantastic store. Even better - they're located in Salem, Massachusetts! For people who need to set the Halloween mood: Come take a look!

If you're going for creepy looks, but a classic scent, then the Black Collection vanilla candle is a great choice. The creamy and sweet scent of vanilla can never go wrong. I'm impressed with the deep black color of the candle. The scent and the color reminds me of an old Victorian house.

Any time I think of roses, I always think of vampires. Maybe because blood and roses just go together? You can give your house a crypt-like feeling by lighting a Black Collection rose candle. It's a smell that many people find to be alluring. That's probably another association to vampires, since they are almost too mysterious.

Perhaps you're more of a werewolf person? In actuality, a werewolf den would not smell pleasant. If I were to imagine a scent of a werewolf, this Wolf Moon candle might be it. It provides the earthy and almost smokey vision I have. It has a deep musky scent with geranium, patchouli, fern and a woody base that is well-balanced.

Here's a fantastic scent for Halloween: the Holy Ground candle. It apparently smells like sandalwood and wet dirt, which we can imagine digging up in a graveyard. If you're looking to set the mood for a haunting Halloween, I recommend checking this out! I have a feeling that this was inspired by the famous graveyard at Salem.

This is a great candle for all year around. The Bite Me candle might have the perfect name. I can already imagine the sweet scent of berries tantalizing my nostrils then suddenly a packed punch of lime. This is fun fragrance that might not be scary enough for Halloween. It's definitely sweet enough, just like the candy from trick or treating!

I can't tell if the Opium Dragon's Blood candle would have an ominous, relaxing, or just masculine scent. Who's to say it can't be all of those traits, right? I can visualize this smelling like dragon's blood, is that weird? It's earthy and musky, like fire! The illustration on the jar is pretty awesome too. Perfect for Halloween.

The last candle I want to feature is the rosewood musk candle. I must say if you're looking for something to really put people in the Halloween mood, this is the candle to go for. It's an earthy and gentle smell that reminds me of fall. The hint of pepper also reminds me of long night walks during Halloween. It's very subtle.

Can't find anything you like here? I would take a look at Witch City Wicks on Etsy itself. There is a whole array of candles that you might find to be more enjoyable or more Halloween for you! If you're anything like me, candles are used all the time and I can never have too many. Which one is your favorite? Comment below!