Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Patricia Breen Halloween Themed Christmas Ornaments

This elegant spider web ornament by Patricia Breen is super glittery. It comes with a black spider ornament too.

The spiderweb ornament also comes in gold.

This adorable ornament shows someone watching a vampire show on television.

This vampire ornament looks a wee bit too cheerful.

Here's her take on a Frankenstein ornament.

This ghost holds a bat ornament on a pole.

This Count vampire ornament shows a vampiress and Frankenstein standing together.

This red autumn spider is called "Bijoux."

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Lego's Sweetly Spooky Monster Alarm Clocks

This Lego Monster Fighters Dracula alarm clock cracks me up! It glows in the dark and has an LED readout on its chest. Based on a minifigure, but larger - it stands 9 inches tall. It's also sold on Amazon.

Lego also makes a Mummy Vampire Fighters clock. It's also available on Amazon.

Not sure I'd want to see either one of these grimacing faces upon awaking in the morning though!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Funny Plush Halloween Horror Hats

Capsmith makes these plush humorous Halloween hats in adult sizes.

Halloween Dangle Witch Hat, with Pom Poms

Frankenstein Dangle Hat with Pom Poms

Here's a nice spooky way to keep your head warm in wintertime - but maybe save these for after Christmas?