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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

First Edition Candle Company's Horror, Occult and Halloween Candles

It's about time to think about all the candles you will need to make your house seem more ominous this Halloween. I tend to have candles lit all the time throughout fall and winter anyway. These really cool candles by First Edition Candle Co. are great for Halloween. What I like about all these candles the most is that it looks like the wax is multicolored. So as it is lit, the dripping wax is going to look different. That's pretty creepy!

Obviously, a candle that melts in black and orange is perfect for Halloween! I wish the orange was a bit brighter, but at least it is orange! This Night of the Living Dead candle not only has the best color combination, but the jewel on the front showing the poster is really awesome.

This Witch candle actually sent chills down my spine. Just how it oozes that bright green wax is really creepy against the black candle. The witch illustration in the jewel is actually really beautiful though!

The mint color dripping down from this White Zombie candle is very eerie. I admit, I thought this was based on the White Zombie artist. This candle celebrates the strange film White Zombie from the 1930's. That's a classic I need to watch!

That creepy spider walk has burned itself in my brain for such a long time. That's exactly what I think of when I see The Exorcist candle. There is even a slight color change from black to a really dark red that's really unsettling.

Rather that having a scary themed candle, this Lily Munster candle is very elegant. I love the purple wax transitioning to the black - how gorgeous. It's a perfect representation of the stunning Lily Munster!

Red and black is my favorite color combination. It definitely reminds me of Dracula and vampires in general. The black wax oozing out of the red candle is absolutely sinister! The poster inside the gem really pops with this color!

This Vampire horror candle is oddly gruesome and stunning. This is actually a great gift idea for lady friends who really love anything related to horror and Halloween. Can you think of a theme party this candle would go well with? Maybe El Dia de los Muertos?

If you're having a ghostly gathering party, think about getting this Wicca history candle. The witch picture in the glass bead is really cool too!

What do you think of these Halloween themed candles by First Edition Candle Co? I love the different colors and how it changes when it melts! Some are super creepy and others are really fun! Check out the rest of the store on Etsy and comment below!

Macabre and Morbid Halloween Wall Tapestries

One simple way to decorate for Halloween is putting up a macabre and morbid wall tapestry. These are useful because they don't tear like posters. Plus, they're easy to put up and take down and reuse for years to come! Come take a look!

I don't think there's a wall tapestry out there that embodies Halloween like this skull tapestry. I love the antique looking script that covers the whole tapestry. If you are goth, this is a great piece of home decor for all year around.

This is another great goth item! The Edgar Allan Poe wall tapestry features some of Poe's famous works. I would hang this up during a spooky story Halloween party and recite some of Poe's poetry.

Who says the deep blue sea can't be terrifying? In fact, just seeing this Black Octopus wall tapestry would spook lots of people. My mind comes up with many scary creatures that may live in the depths of the ocean.

This swimming octopus wall tapestry is also really creepy. It just reminds me of Cthulhu with all the tentacles everywhere. It's hard to not stare at those black and beady eyes.

How do you feel about hanging some creepy wall tapestries up for Halloween? I really like them hanging on the ceiling like flags or even like a tent. Come take a look at more and comment below!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

New Trend for Halloween 2016: Floating Ghost Costumes

These are actually hilarious and frightening at the same time, if you didn't think that was possible. I am imagining multiple scenarios that this costume would actually scare the crap out of you, such as pretending to be lawn art. If you were sneaky enough, you could walk closer and stop every few seconds to really scare your guests! Take a look at what I am talking about.

This white floating ghost costume already looks like one of the inflatable tube men for your yard. If you stay still enough to catch your prey, you will definitely scare the living daylights out of many trick or treaters or guests for a Halloween party. Plus, it's a scary costume that doesn't require any elaborate hairstyles or makeup! Just slip it on and you're ready for terrorizing people.

Personally, I don't think you could act as outdoor art wearing this floating ghost costume. But if you were having a Halloween party with black lights you could definitely scare people that way. If you think of clever ways of being spooky wearing this costume let us know down below!

How do you like these floating ghost costumes? You can find them on both Amazon and eBay! Make sure to comment below and tell us some of your creepy costume ideas!

Unnverving Cemetery Bride Costumes

Are you still anxiously searching for the perfect costume for this year? Take a look at these cemetery bride costumes on Amazon. They are unnerving and slightly horrifying!

In my opinion, this adult cemetery bride costume is the classic look. The black, white, and grey tie-dye give the dress a dreamy look.

You can also find the same cemetery bride costume in plus size. I like the sleeves on this version more, because it's a hair more creepy!

Of course, kids can also wear a cemetery bride costume. The shoulder cuffs are really cute! I definitely like the creepy fabric on top of the black dress.

You may be looking for a more sexy costume. No worries, because you can still be a creepy and seductive monster by wearing this cemetery bride costume dress. This may be too close to a voodoo doll for me.

I do like how simple this cemetery bride costume is. The costume itself is very spooky and elegant and the lace is to die for. I enjoy that you can use parts of it for other costumes in the future. It's incredibly versatile.

The bow on the front of this kids graveyard bride costume is amazing! The transition from black to white on the dress looks like she's becoming a ghost!

The jarring fabric on the graveyard bride costume is sinister! I am totally in love with the lace sleeves. This resembles a more realistic and worn out wedding gown.

The graveyard bride fancy costume is also very accurate. She looks like she's a phantom more than a zombie. The spiderweb lace looks like she has been dead for a long time.

If you and your significant other are looking for a couples costume idea, this set is fantastic. I really love the zombie costume for Halloween party night because of the creepy veil. If you painted your face exactly like hers it would be super freaky.

A more wild and slightly colorful bride is this bride of doom dead zombie costume. Even though it is terribly mischievous, it's surprisingly glamorous.

Also check out Graveyard bride costumes and cemetery bride costumes on eBay! Which one is your favorite? Comment below and let me know!

Halloween and Horror Shop of the Week: Laughing Crow Candle Co

Have you noticed the weather changing where you live? It's been getting colder and colder by the day. When I wake up, I immediately light a few candles and pour myself some hot tea. Since I'm a bit of a horror junkie, these candles by Laughing Crow Candle Co. on Etsy really called out to me. I imagine these candles smell delightfully sinister!

I am dying to know what Bone Daddy Jack Skellington candle smells like. I definitely can see myself having this candle lit all year around!

You know what's better than Jack? Sally. This Rag Doll Nightmare Before Christmas candle is such a sinister color. It reminds me of that grotesque soup that she makes for Dr. Finkelstein. Hopefully it doesn't smell like Frog's Breath!

I can't help but wonder what kind of fragrance would be reminiscent of Silence of the Lambs. This Precious candle better not smell like a dog or Buffalo Bill! Apparently it smells like fantastic premium lotion you'll never want to put back in the basket!

Jaws has literally scarred me for life. Even if I'm not in the ocean, my overactive imagination thinks there might be an evil shark in a lake... or river... This Skinny Dip candle would actually be great for summertime.

I'm hoping that this Trick or Treat candle has an ominous... smell. Is that even possible? Oddly, this candle smells like pumpkin spice, which might be a sign to stay away from the PSL trend!

If you're a Disney geek, you will appreciate this Silly Spooks candle. These hitch hiking ghosts should be familiar to those who really love the Haunted Mansion ride!

This is my favorite part of the Haunted Mansion ride! This Somewhere Beyond candle is mystical and spooky at the same time. I always get excited when I see Madame Leota chanting her spells.

Were you scared of the movie Trick 'r Treat? This Sweet Revenge candle is inspired by that movie! I, personally, didn't find it frightening. The burlap sack masked villain is a totally horrifying concept.

Killer Klowns are serious business! Well, that's what they may want you to think... This Killer Kandy candle is sweet and would remind you of the circus. This would remind you of those nice cotton candy shaped cocoons you shouldn't mess with!

Is it just me or is this The Saw is Family candle really fleshy looking? It's incredibly disturbing to me! The scent is supposed to be leather, which is an even worse thought. This candle is definitely the most gruesome of them all.

This Movie Macabre candle smells like delicious buttery popcorn! That will definitely take me back to the days where I watched Elvira in the middle of the night. Who doesn't like the Mistress of the Dark?

These are fun and very true to each film they represent. You should see other Halloween themed candles by Laughing Crow Candle Co. on Etsy. Make sure to comment below and tell me which ones you are the most curious about!