Friday, September 18, 2015

Bizarre and Intriguing Vintage Frankenstein and Dracula Collectibles

This, remarkably, is a Frankenstein tissue case. You pull tissues out of his nose - eww!

This vintage 1980s Halloween mask depicts Christopher Lee as Dracula.

I wish I could see a picture of the original flower arrangement that was delivered in this Dracula figural mug from Teleflora!

This papier mache Dracula figurine is from 2007.

This vintage Frankenstein collectible is a Palmolive "Bottle Monster." Huh!

This vintage Universal Monsters Frankenstein mug is huge!

This Dracula ventriloquist dummy creeps me out quite badly!

Here's a quirky vintage Talking Dracula doll from the 1970s.

This silicon life size Frankenstein is the price of a nice used car!

At one point in our not-too-distant past, someone decided it would be a good idea to introduce a pink rubber Frankenstein to humanity.

This pop-up "Frankiestein" game is so cheesy!

Hope you enjoyed this brief tour of Halloween oddities on eBay!

Cute Little Chipboard Haunted Houses

This Etsy shop, Retired... Let's Do Lunch sells chipboard gingerbread house kits. Once they arrive, you paper and paint them the way you like them.

This stand up spooky Victorian greeting card kit includes everything you'll need to make and decorate the card.

Here's another stand-up greeting card kit, "Happy Haunting".

This is the Mini Monster stand-up greeting card kit.

Here's a Day of the Dead wedding card box kit you can put together.

I wouldn't use this kit to make a wedding card box, I'd make a jewelry box out of it!

Here's a gothic wedding card box kit as well.

This Little Monster House is a premade faux gingerbread house for Halloween decor.

This Particularly Creepy Haunted House faux gingerbread house also comes pre-built and decorated.

Happy haunting!

Halloween Shop of the Week: Black Rock Folk Art

The Halloween Shop of the Week is Black Rock Folk Art. They use 17th to 19th century designs and vintage molds for their beeswax creations.

Everything here is wonderfully unusual and unique. I'm definitely going to have to pick up an item or two to incorporate into my decorating scheme. I don't normally decorate in the "primitive" style but I think a well chosen piece or two will really add something special to my decor.

Take a peek at some of their incredible items:

3 Blackened Beeswax Witch Broom Candles

Blackened Beeswax Hissing Cat Ornament

Beeswax Creepy Bats Bowl Fillers

Blackened Beeswax Primitive Witch Shoe Ornament

Wicked Witch and Bubbling Cauldron Beeswax Ornament

The shop also sells Christmas holiday primitive beeswax ornaments.