Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Design Toscano's Elegant Gothic Skull Stained Glass Window

Since I'm not going to be able to give this stunning Gothic skull stained glass window a home, I am hoping I can inspire someone to adopt it!

I think this is a really glamorous way of decorating the home. I wish I had a grand entryway with a skylight to hang it in. The stained glass window would be great if you were going to have a vampire party. If your decor allows, you could just have it up all year round. It is an elegant piece!

What do you think?

Elegant Sugar Skull Table Textiles from Heritage Lace

I'm so glad I found these sugar skull table textiles. I would love to have a more elegant sugar skull themed Halloween party. Don't misunderstand, I love the bright and cheerful Dia de los Muertos skulls, but those are everywhere. I want something a little more unique and dreary this year. I am pretty sure I'm going to have a more intimate gathering with a few select friends this year. These would be a great way to decorate!

Hopefully you have a darker dining room table for this lace sugar skull table runner. I think it wouldn't look as sinister on a light wood table. The skulls would pop if it was dark!

I confess, I would use this lace pewter sugar skulls round doily every day! I like how the skull looks like it is evilly staring at you. It's creepy, but still a stunning piece!

Instead of decorating the whole dining room, you could use this lace sugar skulls table topper for a small table in the living room. Too bad it wasn't shaped more like webs then it would be extra scary!

I think these are gorgeous, don't you? Not only that, but I can see myself using these all year around. For certain guests of course. Take a look at more sugar skull table textiles. Heritage Lace has some amazing stuff for those who love lacy Victorian styles! Comment below and tell me what you think!

Halloween and Horror Shop of the Week: Witch on Wheels

This shop doesn't exclusively sell wedding items, but they have a lot of really unique wedding related items nonetheless. These wedding guest books and spellbooks by Witch on Wheels are really cool! They also carry candles, props, and other miscellaneous goodies. You should just take a look and really see what I'm talking about!

Since Maleficent is my favorite Disney villain, I figured I would show this Witch Spellbook first. This is totally decorative, but has her famous chant that you can say over and over again.

"Oh poison needle . . . beckon thy prey."

"Prick a finger this very day!"

"Touch the spindle, touch it I say!"

I have always wanted my own set of Sally's potions. This would be great if you are thinking of having a Nightmare Before Christmas party! I wish I had a covered garden area, because these potions can be used for decorative purposes.

Speaking of Sally, I think the ultimate wedding would be a Halloween Nightmare Before Christmas themed celebration. Consider having this Nightmare Before Christmas Wedding guestbook displayed. Maybe someday I can use this for myself!

Whether it's Halloween or a wedding, this Frankenstein Bride candle would add to your creepy decor. We all strive to be till death do us part... and beyond.

Can you imagine a mini Dracula walking up the aisle presenting this ring bearer coffin? It would be so precious! I am already imagining my dream wedding, I apologize!

Though I'm not a huge fan of the movie, I really dig this Hocus Pocus spellbook. There are six spells from the movie inside this disturbing book. Not only that, there are enough pages to write your own spells! A Life Sucking Potion is also included with this monstrous book.

I would get the matching Hocus Pocus candle with the book! If you're a huge Hocus Pocus fan, you could use this for your wedding or just this year's Halloween party. I may have to rewatch the movie on Halloween this year.

I totally want this Salem Witch Vintage Apothecary sign hanging on my wall. This would be so much fun for a cocktail party. You could create your own "potions" and serve them to your guests to cure their ailments. In all fairness, cocktails are my version of medication.

This gothic guestbook is absolutely stunning. I love the Victorian elements along with the feathered pen. You don't even need to have a Halloween wedding to use this! It's elegant on it's own.

Isn't the vintage illustration on this Dracula candle really cool? Specifically the bats really creep me out! The combination of the gentle vanilla fragrance and style of candle will give your house a haunted feeling.

If you are already planning a serious celebration I would definitely see what other items Witch on Wheels on Etsy has. Especially if you're planning a Halloween wedding, this is a store to check! Make sure to comment below!

New Voodoo Dolly Halloween Costumes for 2016

I fell in love with this costume and needed to share it with you all. It's so simple and yet the idea is so unique!

This Little Miss Voodoo costume is super cute. The Victorian style garb is my favorite feature. It sucks that this doesn't come with an actual voodoo doll. It would be hard to figure out what this costume is without it!

You can always get your own voodoo doll to accompany your costume!

I know my niece would love to carry one of these creepy voodoo dolls while wearing this spectacular dress! It would be a fun costume. Not only that, but it's a great conversation starter. Other kids are bound to ask what they're dressed like, then your kid will proceed to give everyone an education on voodoo!

Isn't this Little Miss Voodoo costume just stunning? What do you think, not obvious enough? Enhance it by using makeup and accessories.

Here's a voodoo dolly costume that depicts the girl as the doll. Don't actually stick a pin in her!

Horror Art Dolls from Chris and Res Creations

I think some people would really find these art dolls fascinating. I personally find most of them totally terrifying. These sinister creatures are bound to leave you feeling completely uncomfortable. I would always be watching my back, making sure they didn't come to life. Take a look at Chris and Res Creations on Etsy.

Can you imagine this just hanging out somewhere in someone's house? This Areop-Enap art doll would make me scream so much. On the computer screen it's actually quite pretty and mysterious, but I just know in real life I would lose it!

This Jack O' Lantern art doll is substantially more tame than above. It reminds me of something you would see from The Nightmare Before Christmas. I wouldn't mind having this out during Halloween or all year around.

Are you afraid of the big wide ocean? No? Well, maybe this Sea Monster art doll will change that! The thought of running into one of these while swimming in the summertime gives me chills down my spine. This is a one of a kind art doll!

I remember the first time watching Hellraiser and finding it totally hilarious. This Engineer art doll is actually quite spooky. Originally I would think this guy would be something you would find in the sewers. His decomposing hands are a mix of impressive and absolutely disgusting!

This White Voodoo Witch art doll is so scary. I'm glad there's no human size doll of her, because that would be frightening. I imagine her just gliding over the floor super fast with barely any movement. I can just see her chasing people through houses waiting to consume their soul! That thought is making me look over my shoulder.

Ever wonder what you would take back with you after venturing off into hell? This mounted Two Headed Goat art doll seems like a prize you would mount on your wall. Or this passes as a demonic relic, maybe it's possessed? I don't have the guts to hang this on my wall for fear it's cursed or something along those lines.

Is it just me or is this Little Pumpkin Witch art doll disturbingly cute? I know she's out to slaughter anyone who crosses her path, but I'm starting to feel like I'm okay with it. I like how they used a bone to create her hook as a weapon.

I urge you guys to at least peek at this really unsettling Etsy store Chris and Res Creations. If you're looking for unique ways to decorate or maybe you are really into this stuff! Comment below and tell me what you think of these art dolls. Freaky right?